Finca Vicent an original farmhouse in an idyllic location not far away from the Cala San Vicente provides peace and tranquility. It showcases the extraordinary taste and creativity of its owners, boasting a main house and two guest houses providing an intimate and private space. It has been transformed into a true masterpiece, offering its visitors an unparalleled experience of tranquility and aesthetic delight.

The owners’ meticulous attention to detail is evident in every corner, as the entire property has been curated to reflect their artistic sensibilities. From the beautiful gardens to the thoughtfully designed interiors, a sense of harmony resonates throughout. Every room is a work of art in itself, with unique touches that pay homage to local traditions while embracing modern aesthetics. The property has its own water from a well and electricity from the mains.

Fully landscaped terracotta plot of 21.000 m2 facing the sea with a direct access to the sea. Unique olive trees, palm alley, vineyard above the sea, little vegetable garden.The main house is finished with top quality materials, air conditioned, decorated with the furniture of famous brands as well as lots of objects of the modern art.